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Hard working senior JISD students can apply to receive a $1000 college scholarship. Donate today to help us reach our goal to give back to the Joshua community and further a student's education.
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Paleontology Prep Training and Certification Program (13 yr - adults)

  • 05/23/2021
  • 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • SWAU Dinosaur Museum & Research Center

Register for the series at a discounted rate and receive their Paleontology Preparator Certification once passing a written exam or for individual sessions of interest. This program will meet over 5 sessions per age group with ten people per session.

The 5 sessions will be taught by Dr. Jared Wood during the Spring 2021 semester. He is the director and curator of the Dinosaur Science Museum, who was featured in the 2019 documentary "The Dig".

  • January: Learn how to identify soil layers and bones as you gain an overview of upper Cretaceous dinosaurs, excavation techniques and tools and use of GPS equipment.
  • February: Find out how paleontologists stabilize, jacket and transport fossils.

  • March: Discover what “small bones” are and learn techniques to properly process them.

  • April: Discover what “large bones” are and learn techniques to properly process them.

  • May: Learn how photography, casting and 3D-printing of bones are important elements of paleontology and gain a better understanding of museum curation.

To register for the program, click here.

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