Asia Thompson



 Brenda Johnson




I've been with FITTEAM Global for 1 1/2 years and it has changed my life physically, mentally, and financially. We have the ONLY USDA certified organic fat loss and energy supplement on the market. FIT is a powder you add to water and drink twice a day. I've lost 14lbs 11" without exercise and maintaining for over a year, I no longer need naps, no more hot flashes, and I've cut my antidepressant in half. My passion is to bless others by sharing what FITTEAM has done for me and my friends





Kelsea Locke

Burleson Now



Your local Sales Representative for Burleson Now Magazine. The magazine is published monthly and mailed free to all residential and business addresses in Joshua, Burleson, and Crowley. That is 36,700 pieces mailed monthly. Additionally, our magazines can be found at area chambers of commerce, hospitals, hotels, doctor’s offices, realtors and other establishments. Burleson Now Magazine is designed with the local community in mind - inside, you’ll find the uplifting and informative articles that have made us the most popular local periodical in the area.





Kim McClure

Mary Kay



As a leader and a mentor of a diverse group of women, and former owner of a construction company, Kim offers 3 decades of experience. Her proudest moments come from helping women achieve their unimaginable goals. As a director in Mary Kay, She is a member of the top 2% of a global billion dollar company. She has lead her team to over 5.3 million in sales, earned 12 cars, and been awarded 8 gold medals. Her passion is helping women live an abundant, fun but balanced life while leading by example. She coaches them to be more, have more and give more than they thought possible. Encouraging them to   #jumpintothelifeyouwant!!







Mark Endres



 I am a Sales Account Manager with Pathway.  I have been with Pathway since 2002 and in the telecom industry since 1997. Pathway is an internet, phone & cable tv provider in the Joshua and Burleson area and in Hico, Hamilton and their surrounding areas. We are a family owned & operated business here in Joshua since 1997.  We specialize in rural areas & small but growing communities. We offer unlimited internet usage with no required contracts. What I enjoy most about my job is interaction with customers and the community, matching their needs to Pathway services and building relationships with them. 




Mary Merino        
Misty Sikes